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This site was created in January 2000 with no other intention than experimenting with Web technologies. Then, working with Web standards developed by the W3C brought a new direction for the site. Principles promoted by the W3C, such as interoperability and accessibility, are now guiding lines. Proprietary technologies are not used in this site unless impossible otherwise.

French language at risk?

Today, a lot of data are transiting via the Web, and this is a good reason to know about the technical documents allowing data processing. These documents are mostly intended for an audience versed into computer science in charge of implementing the technologies described therein. But not only.

International technical documents are (almost) always written in English. The term language barreer is still meaningful for many French-speaking readers. Thus I feel that translations are needed.

A large section of this site is made of translations of W3C technical documents. Others documents and articles are translated as well.


Although translations constitute a major part of the contents, this site is also a playground. Articles and/or programs for the Web might result from personal thoughts. I would be delighted should they bring on further developments.

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